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A new documentary that looks at fracking through the eyes of Polish farmers will be shown in Endicott Friday night.

Filmmaker Lech Kowalki grew up in Utica but lives in Poland and France now. He initially was shooting a documentary about the challenges smaller farmers in Poland were having with big agriculture business. At that same time, a drilling company wanted to frack the area. The story follows a group of farmers who band together to oppose the proposed drilling. Kowalski also filmed part of his documentary in Montrose, Pennsylvania. He says the story is powerful.

Lech Kowalski says, "It's about a group of people, farmers, who really don't know anything about the big corporations and how they set themselves up to fight this sort of monster that came into their lives and invaded their territory and how they were able to sort of push that off. The film has an optimistic ending."

Drill Baby Drill will be shown Friday night at 7:00 pm at First United Methodist Church at 53 McKinley Avenue in Endicott. In two weeks, Kowalski says his film will be shown to European Parliament before it's theatrical release. The screening is free, although donations will be accepted.

watch the video here :
'Drill Baby Drill' Film Screening

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