samedi, avril 13, 2013


Drill Baby Drill Documentry Shown in Endicott

"Drill, Baby Drill" -- a documentary film, was shown in Endicott Friday evening.

--it is a cautionary tale of what the film maker says are the dangers of fracking:
The  film is set  on two continents-- it shows  fracking sites in Pennsylvania--and a farming region in Poland, where corporations have big plans for developing a fracking industry there.

The documentary records the efforts of farmers, trying to stop what they consider an assault on their way of life:

According to the film maker, there are many regions around the world where fracking is becoming an issue--regions keeping an eye on what happens here:

"A lot of people don't realize this but the whole world is looking at New York State. If New York State decides to frack and go for it, then I think it will be a domino effect and a lot people will say, well,  if New York State said yes, then we should say yes," said film director Lech Kowalski.
Kowalski is a native of Utica, now living in Paris.

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