lundi, juin 24, 2013


Odile & Lech,

It was an honor for me to facilitate the Q &A after the screening.

We had a full theater in Corning NY USA screening Drill Baby Drill.
The audience was very attentive and stayed an hour and a half after
the screening. They were very inspired and there was much discussion
as to similarities and differences on the international anti-fracking
scene. The farmers in Poland were inspirational to the people who
came. We had one elected official.

During the question and answer time I interspersed answers to
questions that Odile answered from a list I emailed her earlier in the
day. That worked well to mix the words from Europe with ones in the

Everybody in attendance thought the film was inspiring and fresh! The
spirit of the movement was very alive!

The Ray Kimble interview had standing ovation (people were really
sitting). One woman commented "this film was unique and was more
effective in a foreign language. It was powerful with it's rawness and
truth! The message is more filtered here in the USA."

A 76 year old gentleman stood up at the end and said elders should
climb onto gas industry equipment and get arrested....adding he needs
something to do in his retirement years.

The film and the creative resistance Polish farmers are doing moved
people to a new level of commitment to be engaged.

The evening was high energy and brought attention to the need to keep
fighting in NEPA and Poland and of course Internationally. We are all
in this together!

We will keep taking this banner to screenings and events to support
Polish farmers who block Chevron from destroying communities.


Dave Walczak
Associate Producer
Groundswell Rising Documentary

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