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Odile and our community at large,

Please share this in email and social media. This is a continuing
report of how we in the USA can help in an international struggle.
This is focusing on what people are doing in NYS to send financial
support and moral support, which is equally important, to the Polish

We had another successful screening of DRILL BABY DRILL in Elmira, New
York USA. The audience was very attentive and the documentary stirred
much thought and emotion. The viewers of the movie saw and felt this
struggle of ordinary people who are up against this huge multinational
monster called gas and oil. It is obvious that their struggle is very
similar to ours. They drink vodka, we drink beer. The Polish people
are faced with corporate industrial bullies just as the people in
Dimock PA are. The difference is by what degree. The Polish people are
defending their children's futures far earlier into the intrusion.
They are blocking the beginning of this industry's attempt to gain a
foothold. They are smart and quick to see that the black water after
seismic testing was enough to set off an alarm. They are standing up,
tall and strong and saying NO FRACKING WAY! The industry will never
get a foothold because of the resilience of our Polish sisters and
brothers. Polish people understand how to fight extreme suppression.
Pay attention to history.

Dimock: There are few victims left of the drilling who are willing to
stand up and fight, not be silenced by non-disclosure agreements......

In the tradition of Lech Kowalski and Ray Kemble. The crowd that
showed up to see DRILL BABY DRILL  experienced a surprise visit from
two strong fighters from PA. Their community is nothing like it was
before drilling came in. The audience was in shock and awe to see Ray
and his friend Brett walk into the room. They had just given him an
ovation in the film they viewed. He had given powerful testimony in
the film and showed remarkable resolve not to give in with his water
problems caused by careless drilling. It was like his presence on the
screen helped him to be actualized into the flesh in this church hall.
This was not an accident as we playfully planned this. It was Ray's
idea, that was inspired by a caper Lech and Ray performed on previous
audiences. A question came up during the questions and answers that
stumped me. It was about contradictory reports of bad water tests
becoming good again. Contradictions between EPA and DEP testing
results.  I asked if someone in the audience knew about the Dimock
water issues or if perhaps there was someone from Dimock in the room.
On secret cue Ray and Brett Jennings walked into the room. Whispers
turned into "oh my goodness! here is the guy we just gave the ovation
to." After the excitement settled, stories were told by Ray and Brett
who experience this drilling phenomenon firsthand day by day, week
after week. The rawness of the film and the situation became all the
more real face to face with Ray and Brett.

After the questions and answers I was left with my heart in my
stomach, but my spirit soaring as I felt one more time in my being,
that this is all so surreal. I feel for those who are harmed and
affected and yet some miracle takes place in our collective being that
soars over my broken heart and circles around the world in one
instant. It comes back to remind me it is not just an environmental
issue we face; the sacrificial lamb is our very own humanity. How many
wells with spoiled water need to be counted to realize we have a huge
problem? How many children need to be exposed to bad air, noise and
worst of all; being forgotten.

I sit here writing this and cry to myself, and somehow I feel
stronger. Please take the time and see what's going on and make a
decision to help in some way. I would welcome the opportunity to hear
from you. I can offer suggestions how to help stop this atrocity being
orchestrated from behind our curtain of denial. Can you see the feet
of the monster exposed at the bottom part of this curtain? Do you dare
to help lift the curtain, face the beast, and defeat it?

thank you for reading this,

Dave Walczak

Assocaite Producer
GROUNDSWELL RISING protecting our children's air and water

a documentary project soon enough to arrive in your community

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