mercredi, février 13, 2008

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An interview in Paris during the Rencontres de Paris in December 2007.

lundi, février 11, 2008


Lech Kowalski has officially become a menber of the Food and film academy.

The Slow Food movement, which defends the biodiversity of food and agriculture with initiatives that support and enhance the quality of small productions in danger of extinction, wants to open itself to new forms of communication. This year it has given birth to an international festival of film and food called Slow Food on Film, which will take place in Bologna Italy from 7th to 11th May, with the collaboration of Bologna’s Film Library

There will be competitions, retrospectives, special events and gastronomic moments, but Slow Food on Film wants to be more than a simple thematic festival for food and film experts. It is eager to set itself as a laboratory of ideas on audiovisual communication of gastronomy, an international experience of reflection and comparison.

their aim is to promote and stimulate a new critical awareness in the food culture by showing films, shorts, documentaries and even TV series that develop an original perspective on food (deep feelings, frames of mind, sense of belonging), on the problematic issues of food and agriculture (economic, social and environmental effects) and on gastronomic memory as a heritage to preserve. The festival wants to give voice and space to this bright production – fiction and documentary – that really aims to reflect constructively on the primary gesture of our lives: eating.

they have decided to establish an international network of friends of the festival, made up of people who, in their professional life, have shown an interest in both film and food, and who intend to help Slow Food on Film grow in the best ways possible.

They have named this “network” the FOOD & FILM ACADEMY. Lech Kowalski is one of the member of this network. So he will recommend the titles of films, documentaries, and short TV series for the festiva and Vote for the best of 5 feature films of fiction in the category Best Food Feature

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